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Elizabeth Kreations Limited: Memorable and Inspirational Gifts specialist. Unusual and special,

Gifts for all occasions. Gifts for loved ones. Personalised gifts, Inspirational Books and Resources.

Elizabeth kreations gifts such as Journal, mugs and coaster, posters, keyring/fob, bags, jewellery, plagues, frames, notepads, candles, cross, pens, highlighters, magnets, folders, travel card holders, organiser, notebook and pen, notebooks, bookmark, buckle lanyards, value roller banner, mug and spoon, bottle drink, teddy bears, travel trim metal mug, perfumes, wristwatch, badge, balloons, wristbands, bottle opener key rings, lobster touch bottle opener, Varro trolley coin letting, key ring and giveaways, umbrella, sport watch, t-shirt, cotton caps, polo shirt, zipped hoody, ultimate hooded sweatshirt, Stefan essential fleece jacket, cool bag, business briefcase, retroussé bags, sport bag, back bag, two-tone backpack, jug of water, glass cup, decanter, frames, crystal, tie holder and cufflink, Books, plague/frame,posters,magnet, mugs and coasters. Journal and notepad, pensAnd key rings. Bookmark . Newsletter, leaflet and magazine.

Elizabeth Kreations gift store has got it all covered, gift items, Personalised gifts

• Promotional items and gifts for organisations and events

• Inspirational gifts for all occasions and loved ones

• Full wide range of gifts that promote diversity, cultures, languages, preference and styles

• Low price but high quality products and services

• Guarantee Excellence Customer Services with a difference

• Buy with confidence

Are you tired of giving the same old, boring gifts? Why not visit our unusual gifts categories for those hard to buy for. Over 5,000 unusual, personalised and inspirational gifts to choose from, we're certain that you'll find something to impress and which is sure to be a talking point. Our creative product designers keep on coming up with some brilliant new gift ideas

What make Elizabeth Kreations gift store difference. It started from a very small beginnings as Elizabeth kreations and was Recognised by Blue Eye Magazine, Hornchurch News, local businesses & newspapers, social networking and exhibited in several events.

• There is Guaranteed confidence in our Quality services, products and satisfaction

• Member of British Federation Printing Industries

• Member of Market Trader Federation industries

• Member of Hot Foil Printing Association

Promotional Gifts and Items - Promoting Business, Clubs, Organisations, Charity Societies of all cultures and Events..

Personalised Gifts for All Occasions - Customised Gifts that Suit Any Taste: In today's world, many of the gifts that are available are generic, mass-produced items that can be found in any home. For people who place high stock on individuality, this can be a real problem. No one wants to show off their new gifts to their neighbours, only to get a response like, "Oh, yes, I have one just like it!"

For that reason, more and more people are turning to personalized, inspirational ad creative gifts that are as unique as their owners.

Gifts that can be customized to fit the individual quirks and personalities of their recipients are in high demand, since they show a level of thought and consideration not found in off-the-rack presents.

Elizabeth Kreations has taken the idea of creative gifts, inspirational gifts and personalized gifts to a whole new level, with the innovative concept of actually buying minutes of time from the past, present, or future. You can customize your gift and poem to match the tastes of your recipient perfectly.

Personalized gifts from Elizabeth Kreations can include landmark moments from the recipient's own life. Select moments that make the gift recipient particularly proud, like the day he or she graduated from college, got a new job, or bought a home.

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